Finger Piercing

What is finger piercing

It is an unusual style of surface piercing done at the base of the finger. Adorning a pierced finger with classy jewelry will look like you are wearing a ring. Finger piercing is followed by many piercing enthusiasts looking for something new and impressive. Continue reading “Finger Piercing”

Wrist Piercing

What is wrist piercing?

It is a piercing through the surface of the wrist. This unique type of body surface piercing was first publicized in a well-known magazine by Jon Cobb, a noteworthy body piercer. If you are bored of wearing wristbands, wristwatches, and bracelets then try this rare style of piercing. Continue reading “Wrist Piercing”

Dahlia Piercing

What is Dahlia piercing?

It is a type of lip piercing made on the corners of the mouth. Dahlia piercing, also referred to as the Dahlia bites or Jocker piercing, is one of the less popular lip piercings due to its unusual location. It is originally inspired from the well-known scars of the comic book supervillain Joker, and is named after the infamous Black Dahlia murder case that involved similar facial mutilation. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, then go for Dahlia piercing. Continue reading “Dahlia Piercing”

Monroe Piercing

What is Monroe piercing?

It is a type of lip piercing made above the upper lip on the left side. Monroe piercing apparently resembles the famous beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. It totally enhances your look, making you the center of attraction in any social gathering. Monroe lip piercing is the opposite of Madonna piercing where the perforation is done on the right side. You can even get a nose piercing done to look more trendy and cool. Continue reading “Monroe Piercing”