Nape Piercing

What is nape piercing

Nape piercing is a kind of surface piercing where the back of the neck or nape is perforated. Though stylish and unique, this uncommon form of piercing has certain risks associated with it if not done in a proper way. Continue reading “Nape Piercing”

Orbital Piercing

What is an orbital piercing

Orbital piercing is a trendy piercing style comprising of two perforations connected with one ring, giving the appearance of an orbit. The location of this piercing ideally centers the helix region, but can be done anywhere, including the earlobes, as long as your anatomy allows. Continue reading “Orbital Piercing”

Venom Piercing

What is Venom piercing?

It is a pair of piercings done horizontally closer to the tip of the tongue. Since this unconventional tongue piercing resembles the fangs of a snake from where the venom is released, it is called venom piercing. Double tongue piercing, frog eyes piercing, and venom bites piercing are its other names. Vertical venom piercing involves two piercings placed vertically on the tongue. Continue reading “Venom Piercing”

Tongue Web Piercing

What is tongue web piercing

It is the perforation of the tongue web (frenulum), the small flap of tissue that attaches the underneath of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. The tongue web piercing is not noticeable unless you lift your tongue. An uncommon style of oral piercing, you can give it a try provided your frenulum is prominent enough. It is also known as frenulum piercing and tongue webbing piercing. Continue reading “Tongue Web Piercing”

Angel Bites Piercing

What are angel bites piercing

Angel bites or crayfish piercing is a style where¬†either side of the philtrum, the ridged area of your lip, is perforated in a symmetrical way. It is a combination of the Madonna and Monroe styles of piercing. It is also called Anti Bites as it is just the reverse of snake bites piercing. To look smart and trendy, you may complement your angel bites with other piercing styles like snake bites, nose, septum or dimple. Continue reading “Angel Bites Piercing”

Uvula Piercing

What is uvula piercing?

It is the perforation of the uvula, a tiny, fleshy mass of tissue hanging from the soft palate at the back of the throat. A rare type of oral piercing, getting a uvula piercing done could be a unique experience for the body piercing enthusiasts.¬†Double uvula piercing is a popular variation where two perforations are made on the uvula. Continue reading “Uvula Piercing”