Wrist Piercing

What is wrist piercing?

It is a piercing through the surface of the wrist. This unique type of body surface piercing was first publicized in a well-known magazine by Jon Cobb, a noteworthy body piercer. If you are bored of wearing wristbands, wristwatches, and bracelets then try this rare style of piercing. Continue reading “Wrist Piercing”

Belly Button Piercing: Facts, Precautions, Aftercare, Pictures

Belly button piercing can be described as the piercing that is located in and around the belly button. Piercing of this type is quite popular among teenagers especially girls as they flaunt their bellies in bikini’s and belly shirts. The piercing is actually carried out on the navel’s upper rim and people with ‘outie’ navels get pierced quite easily. The healing of the piercing generally takes 6 months or less depending on the after care. Continue reading “Belly Button Piercing: Facts, Precautions, Aftercare, Pictures”