Chest Piercing

What is chest piercing?

In recent times, surface piercings have invoked a great deal of interest in many youngsters, chest piercing being one of them. As the name suggests, chest piercing involves the perforation of the chest that is believed to cause a lot of pain unlike other types of surface piercings. If you are planning to get your chest pierced then make sure you visit a well-known piercing parlor adhering to all the guidelines and policies set by the health department of your state. Continue reading “Chest Piercing”

Nape Piercing

What is nape piercing

Nape piercing is a kind of surface piercing where the back of the neck or nape is perforated. Though stylish and unique, this uncommon form of piercing has certain risks associated with it if not done in a proper way. Continue reading “Nape Piercing”

Finger Piercing

What is finger piercing

It is an unusual style of surface piercing done at the base of the finger. Adorning a pierced finger with classy jewelry will look like you are wearing a ring. Finger piercing is followed by many piercing enthusiasts looking for something new and impressive. Continue reading “Finger Piercing”