Bottom Lip Piercing (Lower Lip Piercing)

What is bottom lip piercing

Lip piercings are the most conventional styles of piercings donned by the young mass. In the recent times, it has undergone a lot of modifications giving rise to other variations having unique names. Although bottom lip piercing is a perforation of the lower lip, its location differs from one variation to the other, with the jewelry, aftercare as well as the cost depending on that. Continue reading “Bottom Lip Piercing (Lower Lip Piercing)”

Vertical Labret Piercing (Middle bottom lip piercing)

What is vertical labret piercing

Lip piercings have always remained an integral part of the fashion circuit since a long time. Made appealing with an array of well-designed labret jewelry, there are several ways of getting your lips pierced. A popular variation of labret piercing, vertical labret piercing is the perforation of the lower lip beginning at the top and emerging from the other end without entering the mouth. Middle bottom lip piercing is its another name. Continue reading “Vertical Labret Piercing (Middle bottom lip piercing)”

Medusa Piercing (Philtrum Piercing)

What is medusa piercing?

One of the most appealing piercing styles, medusa piercing is receiving a lot of attention lately, especially from the young female crowd, for its interesting location. A popular type of upper lip piercing, it involves the perforation of the philtrum, a vertical groove located in the middle region of the upper lip below the septum of the nose. It is also known as philtrum piercing. Continue reading “Medusa Piercing (Philtrum Piercing)”

Angel Bites Piercing

What are angel bites piercing

Angel bites or crayfish piercing is a style where¬†either side of the philtrum, the ridged area of your lip, is perforated in a symmetrical way. It is a combination of the Madonna and Monroe styles of piercing. It is also called Anti Bites as it is just the reverse of snake bites piercing. To look smart and trendy, you may complement your angel bites with other piercing styles like snake bites, nose, septum or dimple. Continue reading “Angel Bites Piercing”

Dahlia Piercing

What is Dahlia piercing?

It is a type of lip piercing made on the corners of the mouth. Dahlia piercing, also referred to as the Dahlia bites or Jocker piercing, is one of the less popular lip piercings due to its unusual location. It is originally inspired from the well-known scars of the comic book supervillain Joker, and is named after the infamous Black Dahlia murder case that involved similar facial mutilation. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, then go for Dahlia piercing. Continue reading “Dahlia Piercing”

Monroe Piercing

What is Monroe piercing?

It is a type of lip piercing made above the upper lip on the left side. Monroe piercing apparently resembles the famous beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe. It totally enhances your look, making you the center of attraction in any social gathering. Monroe lip piercing is the opposite of Madonna piercing where the perforation is done on the right side. You can even get a nose piercing done to look more trendy and cool. Continue reading “Monroe Piercing”