Ear Lobe Piercing

What is ear lobe piercing

One of the oldest body modifications, ear lobe piercing involves perforation of the center of the earlobe, the soft and fleshy part of the bottom of the ear. Having immense cultural significance in some parts of the world, it is now universally rampant among the youth. With an ear lobe piercing, you get to flaunt an array of designer earrings, redefining your personality as well. Continue reading “Ear Lobe Piercing”

Triple Ear Piercing (Triple Earlobe Piercing)

What is triple ear piercing

Embellishing the ear lobe with differently designed jewelry is enough to make a trendy statement. As more the better, placing three piercings on it would be a fresh diversion from the conventional styles of ear piercing. Referred to as triple ear piercing, most young girls are giving it a try. The most popular variation, triple helix ear piercing is done in the helix region. Continue reading “Triple Ear Piercing (Triple Earlobe Piercing)”

Ankle Piercing

What is ankle piercing?

Due to the emergence of several unique styles of piercing, most youngsters are giving the conventional ones a skip and trying out something different for making a bold statement. Ankle piercing is one of the latest styles of piercing made on the surface of the ankle either above or below the joint region. Since the piercing involves a lot of risks, make sure you visit elite piercing salon specialized in all types of piercing to get it done. Continue reading “Ankle Piercing”

Triple Cartilage Piercing

What is triple cartilage piercing

Multiple ear piercings are stirring interest in most passionate body piercing enthusiasts looking for representing a unique style of fashion. There is no dearth of locations on the ear cartilage for getting a piercing besides the earlobe. Triple cartilage piercing is another creative modification of cartilage piercing involving triple perforations of any area of the ear cartilage. Since there is an availability of a wide variety of cartilage jewelry, you can think of different ways to deck the ear. The price of the piercing will vary according to its location. Continue reading “Triple Cartilage Piercing”

Double Cartilage Piercing

What is double cartilage piercing?

While earlobe piercing is a common body modification trend, many piercing enthusiasts are trying out the different styles of ear cartilage piercing. When it comes to the location of the piercing, you can get your helix, conch, rook, or tragus embellished with innumerable jewelry in varying designs, shapes, and colors. Double cartilage piercing being one of its variations refers to double perforations of any part of the ear cartilage. However, the cost of the piercing will depend on the two areas you select. Continue reading “Double Cartilage Piercing”

Double Ear Piercing

What is double ear piercing?

As a part of tradition or fashion, earlobe piercing has always been sported by most young women as well as some men. Double ear piercing is one of its variations where two perforations are made on the earlobe. Earlobe piercing generally takes less time to heal with a lower possibility of a jewelry rejection. However, lack of intensive care or use of unsterile jewelry may increase the chances of infection. Therefore, you have to follow the same precautionary measures to facilitate faster healing. Continue reading “Double Ear Piercing”

Vertical Tragus Piercing (Sideburn Piercing)

What is vertical tragus piercing?

One of the variations of tragus piercing, vertical tragus piercing is the perforation of the tragus made vertically at the edge. However, unlike tragus piercing, the piercing runs though the small fold of cartilage and comes out from the same side, instead of the other side. Also known as sideburn piercing, it suits those with a well-developed tragus. Continue reading “Vertical Tragus Piercing (Sideburn Piercing)”

Orbital Piercing

What is an orbital piercing

Orbital piercing is a trendy piercing style comprising of two perforations connected with one ring, giving the appearance of an orbit. The location of this piercing ideally centers the helix region, but can be done anywhere, including the earlobes, as long as your anatomy allows. Continue reading “Orbital Piercing”