Corset Piercing

What is corset piercing

In the last couple of years, there has been an inclination towards offbeat piercings among youngsters for expressing a personal style. A unique type of surface piercing, corset piercing involves multiple piercings placed side by side on any part of the body, preferably the back in most cases that are often laced together as it is done when wearing a corset. Since it is subjected to risks, many opt for a temporary piercing, lasting for a short period. Continue reading “Corset Piercing”

Triple Cartilage Piercing

What is triple cartilage piercing

Multiple ear piercings are stirring interest in most passionate body piercing enthusiasts looking for representing a unique style of fashion. There is no dearth of locations on the ear cartilage for getting a piercing besides the earlobe. Triple cartilage piercing is another creative modification of cartilage piercing involving triple perforations of any area of the ear cartilage. Since there is an availability of a wide variety of cartilage jewelry, you can think of different ways to deck the ear. The price of the piercing will vary according to its location. Continue reading “Triple Cartilage Piercing”

Snake Eyes Piercing (Horizontal Tongue Piercing)

What is snake eye piercing

It is a unique style of tongue piercing placed horizontally across the tip of the tongue as opposed to venom piercing made near the center of the tongue. Having a thick tongue makes it easier to accommodate the piercing with a lower risk of rejection. Appealing to many piercing enthusiasts snake eyes piercing has earned the name for its close resemblance to the eyes of a snake. Horizontal tongue piercing and sideways tongue piercing are the other names of the piercing. Continue reading “Snake Eyes Piercing (Horizontal Tongue Piercing)”

Medusa Piercing (Philtrum Piercing)

What is medusa piercing?

One of the most appealing piercing styles, medusa piercing is receiving a lot of attention lately, especially from the young female crowd, for its interesting location. A popular type of upper lip piercing, it involves the perforation of the philtrum, a vertical groove located in the middle region of the upper lip below the septum of the nose. It is also known as philtrum piercing. Continue reading “Medusa Piercing (Philtrum Piercing)”

Madison Piercing

What is Madison piercing

It is a new style of surface piercing where the front of the neck is perforated above the collar bone. Named after Madison Stone, a yesteryear film celebrity and tattoo artist, Madison piercing gives a stylish edge to your personality. With jewelry at the front of the neck, it looks fabulous while complementing your neck accessories. Continue reading “Madison Piercing”

Double Cartilage Piercing

What is double cartilage piercing?

While earlobe piercing is a common body modification trend, many piercing enthusiasts are trying out the different styles of ear cartilage piercing. When it comes to the location of the piercing, you can get your helix, conch, rook, or tragus embellished with innumerable jewelry in varying designs, shapes, and colors. Double cartilage piercing being one of its variations refers to double perforations of any part of the ear cartilage. However, the cost of the piercing will depend on the two areas you select. Continue reading “Double Cartilage Piercing”

Outie Belly Button Piercing

What is outie belly button piercing

It is the piercing of the outie belly button popularly done by those having a convex navel since birth due to some extra scar tissue. Contrary to innie belly button piercing where the piercing is done just above the navel plug, outie belly button piercing suits only a particular anatomy. It is an unusual way of showcasing gorgeous belly jewelry stuck directly on the navel or just hanging below it. Continue reading “Outie Belly Button Piercing”

Smiley Piercing

What is smiley piercing?

It is an uncommon type of oral piercing done through the frenulum, a small fold of tissue of the upper lip. In the mid 90’s, a German magazine had published an image of Steve Harworth, a well-known body modification artist, sporting a smiley piercing. Since the piercing becomes visible whenever you smile, it has been given this name. It is sometimes referred to as scrumper piercing or upper lip frenulum piercing. On the other hand, anti-smiley piercing is another type of lip frenulum piercing where the small flap of tissue connecting the lower lip with the gum is perforated. Continue reading “Smiley Piercing”

Bottom Belly Button Piercing (Inverse/ Lower Belly Button Piercing)

What is bottom belly button piercing

Unlike the typical belly button piercing, bottom belly button piercing is the perforation of the lower portion of the navel. Having a well-developed belly button anatomy gives you the scope for displaying an extensive collection of cool jewelry. As a matter of fact, many young girls get both their upper and lower navel pierced, one of the variations of double belly button piercing, for a unique style statement. Continue reading “Bottom Belly Button Piercing (Inverse/ Lower Belly Button Piercing)”

Double Belly Button Piercing

What is double belly button piercing

Belly button piercing is considered to be a stylish surface piercing for making a one-of-a-kind statement. However, there are many passionate body piercing enthusiasts interested in getting a double belly button piercing done for extravagant belly decoration. As the name implies, two piercings are placed on the navel. A common fashion trend among the well-renowned pop stars, you can give it a try to show off your well-maintained belly. It is sometimes referred to as double navel piercing. Continue reading “Double Belly Button Piercing”