Ear Lobe Piercing

What is ear lobe piercing

One of the oldest body modifications, ear lobe piercing involves perforation of the center of the earlobe, the soft and fleshy part of the bottom of the ear. Having immense cultural significance in some parts of the world, it is now universally rampant among the youth. With an ear lobe piercing, you get to flaunt an array of designer earrings, redefining your personality as well. Continue reading “Ear Lobe Piercing”

Triple Ear Piercing (Triple Earlobe Piercing)

What is triple ear piercing

Embellishing the ear lobe with differently designed jewelry is enough to make a trendy statement. As more the better, placing three piercings on it would be a fresh diversion from the conventional styles of ear piercing. Referred to as triple ear piercing, most young girls are giving it a try. The most popular variation, triple helix ear piercing is done in the helix region. Continue reading “Triple Ear Piercing (Triple Earlobe Piercing)”

High Nostril Piercing

What is high nostril piercing

Nostril piercing can never go out of fashion for its umpteen variations and availability of a plethora of stylish nose jewelry. Taking some inspiration from it, an unusual style of nose piercing referred to as high nostril piercing is generating curiosity among the body modification enthusiasts lately. Placed near the nose bridge either on one side or both sides of the nose, its location is a bit above the regular nostril piercing.

Continue reading “High Nostril Piercing”

Ankle Piercing

What is ankle piercing?

Due to the emergence of several unique styles of piercing, most youngsters are giving the conventional ones a skip and trying out something different for making a bold statement. Ankle piercing is one of the latest styles of piercing made on the surface of the ankle either above or below the joint region. Since the piercing involves a lot of risks, make sure you visit elite piercing salon specialized in all types of piercing to get it done. Continue reading “Ankle Piercing”

Vampire Bites Piercing (Vampire Piercing)

What is vampire bites piercing

Belonging to the category of neck piercings, vampire bites piercing refers to a pair of pairings placed on either side of the neck just below the chin. Also known as vampire piercing and vampire kiss piercing, it is a type of surface piercing done by many to fake vampire bites that have been shown and read about in several fictional stories. Moreover, the style of body modification is ideal for anyone having a desire to make a bold statement. Continue reading “Vampire Bites Piercing (Vampire Piercing)”

Third Eye Piercing (Bindi Piercing)

What is third eye piercing

One of the variations of bridge piercing, third eye piercing is the perforation of the bridge of the nose done vertically between the eyebrows. Adding some appeal to the face, this style of surface piercing is most often referred to as bindi piercing due to its close resemblance to a significant style of facial embellishment followed by many women in some Asian countries. It is also known as vertical bridge piercing and unicorn piercing. Continue reading “Third Eye Piercing (Bindi Piercing)”

Spider Bites Piercing (Viper Bites Piercing)

What are spider bites piercings

Nowadays several styles of lip piercings are being sported by the young fashion-enthusiastic crowd. Having a variety of jewelry options, gives you the scope to make a bold statement and enhance the look of your face. Spider bites piercing is one of its types represented by a pair of piercings on either side of the lower lip. Also known as viper bites piercing, it is almost similar to snake bites piercing though the former one is placed close together. Continue reading “Spider Bites Piercing (Viper Bites Piercing)”

Bottom Lip Piercing (Lower Lip Piercing)

What is bottom lip piercing

Lip piercings are the most conventional styles of piercings donned by the young mass. In the recent times, it has undergone a lot of modifications giving rise to other variations having unique names. Although bottom lip piercing is a perforation of the lower lip, its location differs from one variation to the other, with the jewelry, aftercare as well as the cost depending on that. Continue reading “Bottom Lip Piercing (Lower Lip Piercing)”

Vertical Labret Piercing (Middle bottom lip piercing)

What is vertical labret piercing

Lip piercings have always remained an integral part of the fashion circuit since a long time. Made appealing with an array of well-designed labret jewelry, there are several ways of getting your lips pierced. A popular variation of labret piercing, vertical labret piercing is the perforation of the lower lip beginning at the top and emerging from the other end without entering the mouth. Middle bottom lip piercing is its another name. Continue reading “Vertical Labret Piercing (Middle bottom lip piercing)”