Angel Bites Piercing

What are angel bites piercing

Angel bites or crayfish piercing is a style where either side of the philtrum, the ridged area of your lip, is perforated in a symmetrical way. It is a combination of the Madonna and Monroe styles of piercing. It is also called Anti Bites as it is just the reverse of snake bites piercing. To look smart and trendy, you may complement your angel bites with other piercing styles like snake bites, nose, septum or dimple.

Angel Bites Piercing
Angel Bites Piercing

How to do angel bites piercing

This piercing process is similar to the Monroe or Madonna style. You need to choose a professional studio to get your piercing done in a safe and hygienic way. The piercing professional will mark the area to be pierced using a pen. He will then numb each side of your upper lip and clamp it with a hollow needle. The clamping may take place from the outer or inner side depending on the experience and skill of the person attending you as well as your personal choice. A long-sized labret is commonly used in a new piercing to keep enough space for some swelling following the process.

Do angel bites piercing hurt

Like any other piercing, the level of pain varies from one individual to the other, as well as on the efficiency of the piercer. People having thick upper lips are likely to experience more pain as there are more nerves and muscles present in this area.

Men might find the perforation process a little distressing as regular shaving makes the upper skin of the lip tough and hard to pierce.

Irrespective of the pain this piercing does not take too long to be done.

Angel Bites Piercings
Angel Bites Piercings
Angel Bites Piercing Pictures
Angel Bites Piercing Pictures

Angel bites piercing aftercare

  • Clean the region around the piercing using an anti-bacterial soap about two times in a day.
  • Compress the outer side of the perforation with a warm saltwater solution using a cotton ball twice for two minutes to quicken the healing process.
  • Rinse your mouth well for at least 30 seconds with salt water or only warm water if you have high blood pressure or heart ailments.
  • Brush your teeth gently using a toothbrush having soft bristles.
  • Be careful while eating as chewing fast may hurt you.
  • Have cold foods like ice cream and chilled milk to reduce swelling.


  • Eat or drink anything for three hours after your piercing is done.
  • Touch your piercing with unclean hands.
  • Take aspirin, alcohol or high amount of caffeine during the healing period as it can result in increase swelling and bleeding.
  • Fiddle or play with the jewelry as it may come in the way of the healing process, resulting in migration, scar or any other complications.
  • Smoke or chew gum/tobacco
Angel Bite Piercing
Angel Bite Piercing
Angel Bite Piercings
Angel Bite Piercings

Angel bites piercing healing process and time

It may take about two to three months or even longer to heal, depending on the aftercare taken.

The piercing area may swell initially, lasting for about three to five days. You may also experience itching, discomfort, pain tightness or other sensations at this time. During the healing time, the outer part may appear pink or red. You might also have a yellowish-white secretion, which is not pus, but an indication that your piercing is healing.

Infections and complications

If the pus secretion continues for a long time followed by swelling or redness of the area, then your piercing may be infected. When your piercing gets infected it is recommended not to take off the jewelry as in doing so the piercing closes fast, leading the infection to be trapped in the body. Moreover, keeping the jewelry in the pierced area till the time you go to a doctor, makes way for drainage also reducing the risk of further complications.

Angel bites piercing jewelry

It is recommended to wear labrets during the healing time to avoid irritation and infection. Some may even opt for long sized barbells that resemble the antennae of a crayfish. If you do not want to go through the pain of piercing your lips then try making a fake one at home using studs of an old earring along with some glue.

Barbell Angel Bites Piercing
Barbell Angel Bites Piercing

How much does angel bites piercing cost

The cost of angel bites piercing may range from $30 to $80. Some piercing studios also offer a discounted rate if it is done along with snake bites piercing.



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